Soul Reading Session


Soul Reading is done to clear you from bothering and usually repetitive habits, patterns, behaviors or anything else that is blocking you and what you just want to work with, transform, remake, understand …

The session aims to introduce you to the cause of the problem, as well as where & why the given energy stuck. Part of the session is energy clearing, too. Find out more about:

Soul Reading

The session takes place on-line via some messenger, e.g. skype.

The session consists of 3 stages:
– it starts with a pre-reading conversation;
– actual soul reading;
– summing up the whole process.

It is a good idea to prepare yourself for the whole process and carefully consider what life problems you want to approach during the session. You can write down some of the most important issues on the piece of paper as preparation for the session.

Make sure that except your time, you also have a quiet, private place reserved where you can freely talk about the most private topics, and which also guarantees silence needed for the facilitator during the session.

The average duration is about 2 – 2.5 hours

Find out more about soul reading

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