Maori Healing Therapy

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Traditional Maori Healing Therapy – gift from ancestors

The relationship between the mauri (life force), Wairua (the soul) and ahi tapu (sacred twin flames*) is the base of traditional Maori healing.

Maori healing treatment combines a sincere interview / consultation with the client and profound work on the body. May be involved massage with essential oil (miri miri), but the majority of the treatment is about oppressing (romi romi) specific points of the body (Haematas), which (points) determine the certain areas of life, needing to be released or cleared from tension and / or stress.

Maori Healing Therapy is thus seen as the opening and release for physical, emotional, spiritual and mental blockages held long in the body. Working on the central nervous system the treatment stimulates internal organs, releases toxic waste, tension and pain. This work reaches into the depths of the cells and is able to modify the DNA and karmic records, complementing cleared space with new energy of life and vitality.

So a session of Maori Healing Therapy contains a combination of Romi Romi massage as the main healing tool, and Miri Miri as a supporting tool to the main therapy. The session can contain also the prayers and / or songs takutaku / kariakia / whakamoemiti, as well as natural tools such as: stones, sticks, leaves or branches.

So called ?the eye of the heart? (whatu Manava) helps the therapist to identify problems which weaken and disharmonize. When eventually those problems are being thrown out the therapist cleans the space to allow the healing process to occur.  This opens up a space (Whaka wate) for healing and transformation and a new quality of life.

If you wish to understand the Maori Healing Therapy even better, then please go to the text below, which describes Romi Romi and Miri Miri in details; two most important components of Maori body work. 


*) Twin flames – the sacred fires – pressure points (Haematas) below the ribs, responsible for the synchronization of mauri (life energy) and Wairua (the soul) and bringing the person into balance again. By oppression of these points, you can recover the lost parts of the soul and restore the person completely to the body.


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Romi Romi – a traditional Maori compression massage.

The word “romi” consists of two parts: “ro” – go inside; “mi” – stimulate molecules in the cells in order to provoke a break and release calcified toxins. The name derives from a word meaning a vibration. It works on the oscillation frequency and cellular level. Romi Romi is a traditional art of harmonizing the relationships with the ancestors and removing traumas from the memory cell.

It is the strongest and deepest of Maori practices and starts where such a deep tissue work is required. To penetrate deep into the tissue we use natural “tools” such as: elbows, forearms, hands, knees, feet, stick, stones (usually pounamu**) and seawater (to clear the space from negative energy). Elbows and shoulders, however, are used more often than the hands. With large people it is best to work on the floor where for the oppression of Haematas frequently we use feet and a stick called rakau. To make an oppression we don?t use muscle power but the weight of your own body. The therapist, however, enter into the tissue just as deep as the client’s body and his soul (Wairua) permit.

During the work on deep tissues and joints the flow of energy and also cell memory are activated, in order to free ourselves from everything what has no purpose anymore. As a result, even the most deeply held or hidden emotions can finally be thrown on top. These emotional experiences are just a reflection of all of our physical, emotional or mental ailments. Activating the eye of the heart (whatumanawa ) helps the therapist to identify where are specific problems which impair, weaken and disharmonize client. When in the end, these problems will be thrown on top, the therapist cleanses the space to allow for healing and transformation.

This type of body work is always performed safely and with respect for your highest good, as the very act of spiritual healing is a sacred contract, and if you trust in the process and breathe as you instructed, you will be surprised by the positive result and the amount of released locks.

If you want to re-awaken your life force, connect fully with your spirit, heal your body and exceed the limits, it is a massage for you.

If you’re ready for a truly dynamic and transformative experience and really want to let go of old cases and repeated patterns, you can work on that in just a single session. For some it may be a difficult challenge but definitely very rewarding and it is the best way to transform, in such a short time, the energy which doesn?t belong to you anymore anyway.

Some people like to come back for a second RomiRomi treatment, to enter an even deeper level, as it is worth remembering that the human body needs time to integrate with the changing vibrations and emotional messages that come and go during the session and after. After the massage treatment you can feel tired and then it is best to go to sleep. During a peaceful and deep sleep, our energy harmonizes and wakes up to feel again energized and renewed.

RomiRomi therapy usually is performed on the client dressed in warm, loose clothing, with the exception of problem areas (often back). Then on the exposed parts of the body is it being used Miri Miri, oil massage. You can also do a mix of Romi Romi and Miri Miri for full body. In this case, the client may be wearing underwear, and the rest of the body will be covered by a towel or sheet. It is important to make sure that the space is always warm and friendly.

More benefits which you can experience with Romi Romi massage:

  • strengthening immunity,
  • regulation of blood pressure,
  • hormonal balance,
  • stimulate and strengthen the internal organs
  • clearing the trauma of past generations that we carry within,
  • acceleration of the healing process after accidents.


**) Pounamu – otherwise known as a green stone or jade. Extremely popular in New Zealand and Maori culture, considered a sacred stone.


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Miri miri massage therapy.

Miri Miri is another part of maori art of body work, where therapist?s intuitive skills work at the highest level. Ability to read indentations, curves, lines, marks and dimplings is an advantage that can be used in their work. During the Miri Miri therapist examines the body in order to distinguish where the healing / treatment is necessary. Even if you have previously been carried out preliminary interview with the client still we are looking for the unspoken, unknown or forgotten.

During the session the therapist intuitively receive the message which parts of the body need most support; which cells suffer from the loss of the essence of life energy. So therefore recalling the wisdom stored within the client body, the therapist re-activate regeneration processes and raising the vibration of life energy.

Before and during the therapy the client is being reminded and motivated to work with a therapist by deep breathing for faster and gentler release tension and energy blockages. The therapist works on your etheric body level to restore your energy balance.

Same like in Romi Romi, the Miri Miri goal is to balance your vital energy (mauri) with the soul (Wairua).

This type of body work is always performed safely and with respect for your highest good, as the very act of spiritual healing is a sacred moment, and if you trust in the process and breathe as you instructed, you will be surprised by the positive result and the amount of released locks.

The therapist working intuitively captures the problematic places and work on them to get the best possible result in order to bring to you a new experience of renewal. Under the influence of soft and deep massage you can experience a release of tension, more freedom and space in the body and increased energy flow. The intense flow of spiritual energy is animating and raising vitality and body protection.

At the first treatment, a combination of both massage and Miri Miri Romi Romi is the most popular choice.

When you select this deeply relaxing massage you will feel lighter, refreshed and energized.

It’s time to connect with yourself.


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Contraindications of Maori Healing Therapy

Read the contraindications of massage therapy


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Preparation for Maori Healing Therapy

  • on treatment day refrain from drinking caffeine or if not possible at least limit its consumption, as it has a direct effect on the nervous system and can cause problems with relax;
  • the day before and especially on treatment day, refrain from drinking alcohol;
  • 1.5 hour before the treatment, don?t eat heavy meal; if necessary you can afford a light snack about an hour before;
  • before leaving your home, if possible, take a warm, relaxing shower, which will help you to calm down and eventually bring you faster into relax state, and help you to prepare for healing process during the treatment;
  • dress in warm, loose outfit; during big energy transformations, lots of people feel cold inside of the body;
  • make sure to take off the jewellery (chains, bracelets, watches, rings, earrings etc)
  • it is recommended to have a good mood and positive attitude;
  • While treatment, it is recommend for you to relax your body and mind. It allows the energy to flow freely and rich as much of your being as you are open to. Deep breathing is very helpful in getting into relaxation state. To make it even easier, it is very common to use some relaxation or meditation music along with gentle fragrance of incense and soft light of candles.
  • Relaxed state of mind and body express your readiness and willingness for the change, for better, and becomes the key, without which, no change is able to occur. Without your inner permission and agreement, no shift or transformation is able to arise and become real.
  • The more you feel ready and opened the bigger change may appear.
  • If you have any questions or doubts, even during the treatment, don?t hesitate to ask your therapist right away.
  • Because the therapy accelerates the various mechanisms, including removing the toxins from the body, it is highly recommended to drink a lot of water for at least 24 hours after each treatment, just to ease and support these all processes.


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