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Fantastic Spirit Advisor and wonderful Soul! ❤️ Intuitive, very media-oriented (and I do not mean, of course, only the relationship with the mass media 😄). With comprehensive knowledge, intelligence, deep insight and life wisdom. I had one, but very long, deep and fruitful session. I heartily recommend and I am looking forward to the next interesting materials on YT😍

I had an amazing Pendulum Healing session with Ewa this afternoon. I feel amazing, energised and in a fantastic mood! When got off the plinth I wanted to sing and dance! Thank you Ewa <3

Monika Foltman

I had lomi lomi nui massage with Ewa. Over an hour of relax!. My soul and body are now relaxed and harmonized. My husband and kids definitely see the difference. I highly recommend Ewa and her fantastic treatments. Wish to have it every day. Thanks Ewa and see you soon!


I had a Lomi Lomi Nui massage with Ewa. It was really great, deep experience. I was feeling relaxed and energized even long time after massage. I can highly recommend Ewa to everyone. Many thanks.


I had the best Lomi lomi nui with Ewa.I felt so relaxed after more than an hour session.She puts so much heart and soul in what she is doing that you actually feel the connection. Thank you Ewa! would definitely highly recommend her to everyone.

I had a great Lomi-Lomi massage with Ewa. It is very hard to describe that feeling with words, because words are not enough. Propably the most relaxing moments in my life! Thank You Ewa :* recommend you to anyone!


Ewa is a great, warm person. I had 2 sessions with her and will continue. Highly recommended!

Basia Gralewska

Very open, honest (sometimes brutally honest ;)), but tactful and diplomatic. Somehow was able to put into words what I felt was happening, but couldn’t name. What I like most about her is that she wants you to be independent and self-reliant. Recommended.


The “soul reading” session is an amazing experience. At the first meeting with Ewa, the elements of my life, the meaning of which I did not understand, came together like puzzles, creating a clear, complete picture. Thanks to this, I gained strength and courage to cope with difficulties and I learned to create a happy life. I made an appointment for the second session before making a very important life decision. The information I received from Ewa helped me choose what was best for me. I wholeheartedly recommend meeting Ewa, who is a wonderful person, full of warmth and empathy. I am very grateful to her for sharing her talent with other people and for helping us change our lives for the better.


Yesterday I had great Tarot session with Ewa Siembida .Ewa provided my tarot card reading with such insightful, accuracy. Her gentle approach addressed the very issues that were being questioned in my life. Ewa Siembida encouraged my participation to gain a deeper exploration into the meaning of the cards. I was able to achieve better clarity of my circumstances through Ewa’s thoughtful explanation, as well as appreciate the necessary position I am in at this time in my life. I acknowledge that Ewa has divine ability and I am appreciative for having experienced her intuitive gift.” check her youtube channel also she recording amazing staff !!!

Marta Lyszkiewicz – Toropow

Ewa is an amazing intuitive card reader. Sometimes, when I need to gain more clarity, understanding or take an important decision, I make appointment with Ewa as she gives an amazing intuitive guidance and support in making the best possible choice in the moment. It is not always easy to see our circumstances in an objective way, and this is where Ewa is definately able to provide a kind, gentle and honest support. She has alsgreat, full of inspiration readings for each star sign available on her YouTube channel. You will definately find great guidance and help however you choose to connect with Ewa.

Monika Rak

I met Ewa in very important part of my life which was quite stressful. We’ve started with Chacras analysis, then Reiki sessions, Lomi Lomi Therapy and other massages. I was always waiting for next session and was leaving relaxed and with clear mind. I stopped seeing Ewa as I moved away from Ireland and must admit that miss meetings with her a lot.


I highly recommend consult with Ewa. I use her horoscopes and individual sessions – already several times, in difficult topics, I was helped by her super vision and intuition, as well as the gift of reading Tarot cards. In the flood of people only calling themselves consultants or fortune tellers, etc. Ewa is really trustworthy, reliable, accurate, and puts all her heart into her work. Ewa thanks for meetings and readings so far and I will definitely come back for something <3 Namaste


I have been attending Ewa regularly for several years now – she is a very gifted therapist and I always leave her shiatsu session feeling relaxed and invigorated!
I would recommend her very highly





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