We all grew up under some particular religion or belief system that influenced how we learned to distinguish and understand so-called right and wrong; how we see ourselves, our lives and the world around us. However, many of us, feeling unsatisfied with something, developed a desire to seek more knowledge, freedom and understanding of existence.

Unfortunately, while searching in life, often influenced by old patterns, we believe that we do not really have the freedom to choose, that we have no influence on who we are and who we might become or how we might live. Nothing could be more wrong. Therefore, in the modern world, while looking for ourselves during our life journey, we are also looking for a place where we will experience support for ourselves, our development and all that is best in us.

This space is for one who:

– who’s looking for own inner truth;
who wants on daily basis to choose a life free from the limitations of religion or any other belief system;
who decides to follow own heart & soul voice;
who decides to search and develop
who is looking for a life change to a deeper or spiritual level…

I am fond of:

– healing & freeing your mind plus opening up to new, better, positive ideas;
healing & freeing the heart and opening it to positive, higher, divine feelings;
freeing your intuition and opening yourself to the Source of All-Existence, the Creator of all that is and His guidance always and everywhere.

Remember, however, that you will not find any teachers, great gurus or pastors here. You won’t find here anyone who’s going to try to think and make decisions for you.

Here you’ll find only me, a simple person who has been following a path of choosing freedom, acceptance and continuous consious development for many years, someone who willingly shares knowledge and experience but only on the basis of equality & partnership … avoiding creating any image of an omniscient teacher or guru around.

It is because I know that each of us is a student on own’s life & spiritual path, where each of us works for own fruits on the way as well as to the best of own conscious abilities. This is where you can be understood and you can receive support and advice if you need it along the way of your life development.

All the techniques mentioned by me affect the entire human being, the body, mind & soul.

What you can find here?

– the beginning of the healing process in your life;
support for your personal & spiritual development;
support for the practice of relaxation & meditation;
trusted and sincere advisor;
support for health & beauty with Tiande cosmetics,  innovative solutions based on Chinese medicine traditions,
produced in the cleanest part of the world;

It is an ideal place to help yourself to go beyond the previously known limits of understanding your reality. Expand your understanding of yourself and your world. Developing awareness and raising your vibrations.

This is the right place and the right time for you to move forward or take the next step or challenge. I am here to help you in the process you have chosen for yourself and to accompany you on this extraordinary journey.





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